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Teletronics rural  services
Teletronics rural  services

Woolshed Wifi

Already on our speedy network?

Have a building on your property that you use occasionally that would be enhanced by a wifi connection?

Then we have the add on for you!

Woolshed Wifi is the perfect add on to your existing plan!


An add on plan that allows you to connect another seasonal or occasionally used building on your property! Think of the space where you sometimes host a party, a class or meeting, a shed where you want to be connected for streaming music or videos while you work. Or a woolshed where those long summer tasks can be made sweeter with good tunes!

Woolshed Wifi Plus adds even more connection with the addition of 3 IOT sensors!

IOT sensors for your farm or business make your life easier. Sensors control or monitor, via the internet, a number of functions in your home, farm or business.

With IOT sensors you can monitor / control:

  • Electric fences

  • Water or Fuel tank levels (Plus anti theft alerts)

  • Monitor Temperature / humidity 

  • Water flow

  • Security cameras and light systems​​​​


And many more! - When you get Woolshed Wifi Plus, in addition to woolshed wifi you will get a choice of three IOT sensors for your home, farm or business!**

Woolshed Wifi

Expand your coverage by adding woolshed wifi to a building you use occasionally on your property.


*Plus a one off broadband Installation fee $100.00 incl gst

Woolshed Wifi Plus

Expand your connection by adding in 3 IOT sensors!


**One off broadband Installation fee $100.00 incl gst in addition to IOT install cost.

IOT installation fee will vary based on sensors selected.

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