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Find out why we choose to use an Award-Winning Mesh Wi-Fi system, with Cloud Remote Management, 5G CPE and more to help have the best Wi-Fi experience with our Broadband.​ Wall-to-Wall


Wifi 6 Router Features


When getting the most out of your Wi-Fi, its important to place your router out in the open living spaces of your home, near as few walls and obstructions as possible - But this presents another issue, typically routers aren't very visually appealing... Enter The award wining Mercku router. Designed to be sleek and slimline, its profile blends seamlessly into your home décor, bringing high-end looks and experience in conjunction with function. You wont mind having this router on display - improving your Wi-fi quality and experience!

Learn more about getting the most of your Wi-fi here


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Teletronics Wifi 6

Not only designed to look appealing the functionality of these routers is top notch. Boasting:

  • Mercku App - with features like:

    • Perform speed tests - From the app, anywhere anytime.

    • Access to Network Controls - Deny access to your network from unknown devices.

    • Guest Network - Have guests coming? set up a guest network for them to use.

    • Remote Access - Access the above from anywhere, anytime.

  • Parent Control - control specific devices usage, usage times and access to the network. This is ideal for parents, families or individuals wanting to limit their internet usage to specific times of day.

  • Coverage - A single M6 Router provides coverage for up to 3,000 sq. ft. (278.7 Sq. m) and with the average house build size in Aotearoa - New Zealand being 141sq. m this covers the average house and then some! Have a larger space to accommodate? Mesh multiple M6 Routers into a whole-house mesh network in one click.

  • A true dual-band connection - supports both 2.4 GHz (up to 573 Mbps) and 5 GHz (up to 1201 Mbps) bands.

Teletronics Digital Mobile Radio


Make the most of your Wi-fi by using these tips to keep your Router performing at its best.

The router should be placed in a dry place without exposure to excessive heat. 

Make sure the cables and power cord are safely placed out of the way, as to not create a hazard. 

For optimized performance and coverage, the M6 should be placed in an open and unobstructed area 

Keep the router away from devices with strong electromagnetic interference such as microwave ovens, 2.4 GHz wireless mouse, 2.4 GHz wireless phones, or other electrical appliances that use the 2.4 GHz band. 

Do not place nodes in a straight line. See more about nodes here

Wi-Fi signals are weakened by concrete walls and floors, metal and glass. Please ensure you place your router in an open location. 


Mercku Router

PLEASE NOTE - The RESET button should never be pressed. This will cause the unit to be factory reset and will not come back online for you. It requires fixing at our end to get it going again.

Teletronics broadband cross
Resetting router stop


Teletronics broadband unplug


Find detailed instructions on how to reboot your mercku router here.

Teletronics broadband check roof

Hardware Check

Have a look at the hardware on the roof - does it look like it has been damaged or maybe moved in the wind?

Teletronics Broadband check cables

Cable Check

Did the cabling get damaged? Sometimes garden trimmers get a little too close…..

Mercku M6 series router_edited.png

Remember if you get to the end of these steps and are still experiencing issues please get in touch, we want to get you up and running as soon as possible!

Light Guide

Find out what the light on your router means, feel free to contact us if you need further help.

Solid White light

Stable network connection

Blinking Slowly Red light

Operation in progress (E.g. booting up, upgrading firmware)

Blinking White Light

network connection available, however, mesh connection could be better

Blinking Quickly Red Light

Undergoing a Factory Reset

Blinking Blue Light

Router is in Pairing Mode

Orange Light

No internet connection

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