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About Teletronics

Teletronics, renowned in the Wairarapa region, has been providing exceptional service for over four decades.

Our core competencies include installations, repair work, and radio services, which cater to the diverse technological requirements of our community.


The business continually adapts and evolves to remain at the forefront of technological advancements and meet the evolving needs of the Wairarapa community. Our journey has witnessed several key milestones, including changes in ownership and service expansion.


In 2014, Scott Bensemann and Chan Jackson took over the reins of Teletronics from its previous owners, Peter & Chrissy Noon. This transition marked the introduction of digital radio services to our services.


By 2017, Scott and Mel secured full ownership of Teletronics, further steering the company towards growth. The following year, we expanded our scope by integrating the Airtel network into our operations, thereby consolidating our network and services.

2018 Teletronics purchased the Airtel network from the local shareholders. Allowing us to utilize Airtel's substantial infrastructure to grow further services and maintain the reliable services to the existing customer base.


Bit of Scott's History:

One noteworthy endeavor was when Scott Bensemann came up with the idea for the Wizwireless network. At the time working for Bridget Canning co-founded Wizwireless broadband services. This initiative originated as a solution to enhance the Canning family's home broadband services in Tinui.

After years of collaboration with Bridget and scaling up the Wizwireless network, in 2011 Scott sought new challenges. He briefly transitioned to Teletronics, stepping in to assist Peter following an accident. Once Peter resumed full-time work Scott ventured into starting a contracting business. However his ties with Teletronics remained strong and he returned after a few years to propose an acquisition.

Over the past few years Teletronics has significantly contributed to building the regional network for the nationwide Trilogy radio service. Our relentless pursuit of innovation continues to yield results, as demonstrated by our recent incorporation of IoT monitoring into our services after years of testing various hardware.


In 2019, customers that could not find any other suitable option came to us asking us to provide a broadband solution.  We starting offering wireless broadband services. Building up coverage off our extensive radio network.

We at Teletronics are committed to offering quality service and forging new paths in technology, building on our rich history, and striving towards a technologically advanced future. 


At Teletronics, our team of experts is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality communication solutions. We are committed to staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and techniques to ensure that our clients receive the best service possible.


Scott Bensemann is the owner of Teletronics. With over 20 years of experience in the communications industry, Scott has built Teletronics into a leading provider of communication solutions in Wairarapa & New Zealand.


Mel is the other owner of Teletronics. Our Trilogy systems Manager and Teletronics administrator. With exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail, Mel ensures that wheels keep turning in the background. 


Michelle is Teletronics Office manager.  Very skilled at keeping the jobs flowing and the techs on course. Holding the team together and keeping everyone on track. If you want to get a job done Michelle is the lady who gets it sorted. 


Dave has been with Teletronics longer than anyone else. Excellent technician. Very conscientious by nature ensuring a quality job every time. Also years and years of experience with SKY TV and home entertainment systems. Dave also installs our wireless broadband services.


Nathan joined us a while back. Excellent customer service skills. Working in the SKY TV and home entertainment installation. Nathan also installs our broadband services. Nathan is always looking for ways to help. Service with a smile is Nathan's moto.


Kristyn is the one to call to get your radio programmed. Vehicle installations are her thing too. Currently also training to be a qualified SKY installer. A multi skilled lady ready to help you.


David is well known in the community for his work with SAR. David loves all the high site work. David takes care of all those tricky one off technical challenges that Teletronics systems have to for us. Radio technician is in his blood. 


Want to be part of our team?

You could be the next addition?

Have what it takes?

Contact us and let us know how you could fit in to the team.

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