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Airtel Coverage

Analogue Radio Coverage

Coverage for Airtel Network for the Wairarapa.

Serving the Wairarapa radio users for over 30 years. Any questions please call 06 3770149 or use our Contact form.

Or call into our shop 128 Dixon Street Masterton and have a chat about what you need and what we have to offer.​

Rangitumau Coverage - Masterton, Carterton, Greytown, Bideford.

Eringa Coverage - Admiral Hill, Masterton, Carterton, Greytown, Te Wharau.

Bute Coverage - Masterton to Castlepoint


Mangapurupuru - Bideford - Tinui

Coverage map instructions:

Approximate coverage indicator.
Green is good and red is ok signal level. Where there is no coloured overlay it suggests possible area with low or no signal.

Go to “map” in the top left corner of the map, hover over the word “map” with your mouse then tick the box next to “Terrain” to help see the hills etc better.
You can type street addresses in to see coverage.

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