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Urban Boradband roofline
Urban Boradband roofline
Urban Boradband roofline

Urban Fibre Broadband

We want to make it easy for you!

So we did what we do best, created a straight to the point service, than can meet your needs, at a competitive price!


  • Fast, Friendly and Local Support

  • Speedy  Installation - Typically within a week!

  • Optional Wifi 6 Smart Modem

  • Coverage across the whole Wairarapa

Keep those coins for the piggy bank! sign up to get connected with us today!

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Urban Fibre

Up to 300Mbps Download & 100Mbps upload.

Flat Rate Unlimited Data.

BYO Modem

Or get one of our speedy

Wi-Fi 6 modems for an additional

Urban Boradband roofline
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