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GPS Tracking  - GPS Gate - Fleet

Details on our GPS tracking System and App.

Teletronics GpsGate Fleet provides mobile access to Gps Gate Server for managers and operators.


It's customizable, scalable. Our System is used worldwide by transportation companies, police and fire departments, utility companies, sales & service organizations, and other companies with mobile workers.

Customer Tracker login.

Android and Apple app.

Google Play store Fleet app download.

Apple app store Fleet app download.

Fleet App tracker GPS gate  Apple iphone
Fleet App tracker GPS gate   Android

GPS Tracking Pricing :

$10.00 Per unit Tracking. 

$15.00 Per unit Tracking + Man down /Lone worker emergency alert. Alert via App or Email notification.

GPS reports
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Rural radio GPS tracking - farm Safe.
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GPS Gate Benefits

GpsGate Server is a robust fleet management system that prioritizes safety through a variety of features:

1. Real-Time Alerts: The system provides real-time data, enabling immediate responses to safety concerns. Alerts can be configured for specific events such as speeding, excessive idling, or route deviations, promoting safer driving habits.

2. Geofencing: Geofences can be established to monitor driver behavior, enhancing vehicle and cargo security. These virtual boundaries can trigger alerts if a vehicle enters or leaves a designated area, providing an additional layer of safety.

3. Emergency Notifications: GpsGate can initiate alerts for emergency situations like a driver SOS signal or unexpected route deviations, ensuring rapid response to potential safety incidents.

4. Data Security: With high security standards, including ISO/IEC 27001 certification, two-factor authentication, and strong password options, GpsGate ensures the protection of sensitive fleet data from unauthorized access.

5. Mobile Fleet App: The mobile app provides real-time fleet information and notifications from anywhere, enabling fleet managers to stay informed and quickly respond to safety issues.

6. Universal Map Support: GpsGate supports various map options for accurate tracking and monitoring of fleet vehicles, providing precise location data to enhance safety.

In summary, GpsGate Server offers a suite of safety-focused features, from real-time alerts and geofencing to robust data security and preventive maintenance tracking, all designed to ensure the safety of drivers, vehicles.

Fleet tracking on the road
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