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Rural Wireless Broadband

Teletronics Wireless Rural Broadband
Has Expanded!

Now Bringing Wairarapa Better Broadband coverage.

Teletronics high-speed rural wireless broadband has now expanding its coverage with our partner network Martinborough Internet.

Now giving you better options in services across the whole Wairarapa. 


Why our Broadband ?

  • Fast install - typically within 1 week.

  • Friendly local service.

  • Solid locally owned and serviced network.

  • Years of experience in delivering great service.

  • Smart WiFi 6 routers with customer management app to make your home WiFi experience the best it can be.

  • Easy setup mesh router system.

  • We manage your broadband to your device, not just to the house. So if the device isn't working the best, we know where it is and can help you quickly and effectively.

  • Free standard installation.


Don't be Sheepish call today for great broadband.​

Sheep need our rural broadband too
Relax enmjoy our wizzy broadband

Free Installation

At Teletronics, we make it easy peasy to get broadband with Free install for standard connections. A rental router  with advanced WiFi 6 included with all plans. Free Wifi management app included. For additional Mesh routers just add $10 Per month per mesh device to your plan.

Teletronics network Rural Broadband Plans

Choose a plan you like. You can always change it later. Then contact us to check availability in your area.

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