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Rural Broadband

Experience the smartest Rural Wireless Broadband available throughout the Wairarapa region. Our Rural Broadband is paired seamlessly with Smart Wifi 6 Mesh within your residence. This powerful combination aims to optimize your broadband experience, providing you with unparalleled smart and high-quality connectivity.

Fibre Broadband

Experience exceptional urban connectivity with Teletronics Fibre Broadband Service powered by the latest WiFi 6 router technology. Our service provides unrivalled high-speed internet access throughout your home or office, ensuring smooth, reliable, and high-performance connectivity. 

Radio Comms

Teletronics Radio services built to suit your needs. Whether it's analogue, Digital VHF or UHF Forestry or Nationwide Fleet communications, we have radio services. Top radio brands Including Tait, Hytera, GME, Caltta, Kenwood. Buy in person in our Masterton store or buy at our Online Shop

IOT Monitoring

 IoT Monitoring Services, for rural farms and businesses. Our service provides data tracking and insights, facilitating efficient resource management, predictive maintenance, and enhanced operational efficiency. Improved productivity, reduce costs, in your day-to-day operations. 

Our Clients

We have worked with clients across a range of industries, including Government, Emergency Services, Commercial and residential. Our commitment to delivering innovative solutions has earned us a reputation as a trusted partner for all your communications needs.


"Excellent service and most reasonable price. I also got Teletronics own broadband package for less than the major providers were able to do. Since they were installing that , they also put in Freeview. Both working really well"


Kenny Riach

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